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Apr. 4th, 2009

Cute Smile in bed

You there. You in the hat. Yes, I mean you...

You there. Get me a song. A specific song. I can't find it on Limewire and I grow tired of searching for it..
So someone else must get it for me, while I lay here being fed grapes and being fanned with big palm leaves by girls in bikinis like some abstract red-headed sultan.
Seriously though, if anyone has 'The Story' by Julia Marcell, then you must send it in my general direction... post haste! It's like it doesn't exist! And this saddens me. I hate when Limewire lets me down - I feel like its karma getting cosmic payback for all my illegal downloading.

Feb. 6th, 2009

Aww Sad!

Poor fluffy little laptop!

Hi y'all. Soooo... my laptop crapped out for a few days for a rather sweet reason - It was full of fluff and was thus getting too hot to do things. Isn't that sweet? If I had to be sick in any way, I think I'd like to be full of fluff! It would amuse me. Anyhoo, that's why I didn't post any of my thingymagiggies after mentioning them.
So, here is my plan: Over ze next few days, I'm gonna upload little batches of stuff. I think I'm gonna upload all my Lost Icons in one post, all my X Files icons in another, all my banners together and then a video per post after that. And Suzy dear? Most of them are random AU storylines so you don't even have to know anything about the shows cause I enjoy making up my own dark little storylines... Also, you;re gonna love this! - I'm thinking of making a really random AU lesbian X Files video to 'I Kissed A Girl'!! :P
Lesbians+X Files+Katy Perry=Awesomeness!!
Anyhoo, keep eyes peeled for all these random posts coming up in the next few days. Uploading things seems ludicrously time consuming, in comparison to other places. I'm not enjoying the strange link between photobucket and livejournal. Why can't I just copy the image code like I do on message boards?? *Whines*

Feb. 3rd, 2009


Icons? Banners? Manips? Fan Videos?

Ugh.. there was just a tiny spider on my screen! How dare something so gross invade my beloved laptop?!
Anyway, in other news, I was wondering if anyone would like to see any of my many random creations. I find the process of uploading stuff to LJ overwhelming time consuming and complex, so I am unwilling to do it if no-one is interested in seeing stuff.
I have loads of icons and a few banners (mainly X Files and a few Lost ones) and LOADS of fan vids - My most recent ones are mainly X Files but all the rest are Lost ones and a coupla Gossip Girl crossovers, and there's a mix of AUs and canon vids.
Soooo, is it worth me uploading anything, or shall I keep LJ just for my random thoughts, free of my geekism??

Feb. 1st, 2009

omfg! Sex!

(no subject)

OMG!! I'm posting!! I haven't posted in like, forever! But I felt like I had to share the amazing conversation I just had with a person I know affectionately as "The Chav Scum MSN Pervert". I've only talked to him twice before. The first time I convinced him that I was Gillian Anderson (my display picture) and a total whore and he persistently tried to engage in cyber sex with me. The second time was about a week ago and was a brief exchange of pleasantries. The third time, he started the conversation like this: [Also, just want to clarify something so that this all makes more sense - My MSN display picture is a slightly poserish picture of me and his is picture is a TRES poserish picture of his bare torso and the top of his boxers... because he is classy - obviously!]

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

god ur ugly


   Bambi         says:

Thanks sugar

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

and i was told your a freak as well... so you dont have ANYTHING going for you


   Bambi         says:

No.. I don't. I'm really very strange. But at least my picture doesn't make me look like an egotistical cunt.. so at least that's something

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

yeah ut you look as good as me then its understandble you wanna show it off, i worked hard for my body, and earned it, so its no different to being proud of being a well paid bussiess man or sumit, you are of course going to be proud of your acievements and want to show them off, maybe if you had acheived anything in your life, apart from getting slowly fatter and fatter, then you might understand


   Bambi         says:

Your girlish hip bones are your greatest achievement in your life?!

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

trying to slag me from this angle really isnt going o work, all the attractive girls think im well buff, so why would i care if an ugly one doesnt agree


   Bambi         says:

You wouldn't.

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

so dont bother trying to make me then... and i never said they were my greatish achievement, just one of them, hats yours? turning away from maistream soceity cus you dont come out well from it, and just being a little pathetic "emo" girl who thinks she really cool for being so?


   Bambi         says:

Who told you I'm an "emo" girl? And I am in no way cool - I'm a dork.

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

yeah but thats what you think makes you cool, you reveal in being a dork, cus you think that makes you good, your just a freak


   Bambi         says:


You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

god, i actually hate you


   Bambi         says:

I feel like I missed something. The last conversation we had was civil and brief. What changed?

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

im not longer horny enough to pretend to like yo to try and get summit in return


   Bambi         says:

Oh.. Ok. Then yes - you are clearly so much better than me and I regret ever thinking differently.

You Change Your Mind Like a Girl Changes Clothes says:

i neve4r said i was


   Bambi         says:

So you're not?


   Bambi         says:

Anyway, outsmarting chav scum is only entertaining for so long. I've grown tired of you now. Tally ho!

I refuse to block him as a matter of principle. I sent the last message 48 minutes ago. I'm starting to think he's not going to reply :( This makes me sad cause I was having a wonderful time as he proved to me that chavs can engage in stimulating conversation, with a rich, varied vocabulary, outstanding grammar and top notch spelling.
Anyway, I found this heartily amusing and thought I would share. If anyone who rejects "maistream soceity cus you dont come out well from it" would like his email address to start your own little war with him, I'd be more than happy to tell you it. I'd appreciate it if you would not mention me or any of the above conversation (that would ruin my careful air of disinterest) but feel free to start your own argument with him about something shiny and new. I'll guarantee you'll end up feeling very intelligent and witty and superior. :D Comment me if you want his addy.

Oct. 17th, 2008


Update on life - I am a pervert.
I've been developing my own personal love for The X Files for a few months now and thought it was time that I roped Dan in on my new love. So for the past coupla weeks, he's been coming round and watching The X Files and eating a lovingly prepared homecooked meal :D
Aaaanyway, our new obsession seems to have spiralled somehwhat out of control. At first, we jokingly decided to "cultivate a joint crush" on her... a few days later, David Duchovny was added to the joint crush (in the interests of equality, of course. lol) ... a few days later, our "joint crush" seemed to be developing nicely.

Flash forward to a coupla weeks later and our innocent little crush has taken strange, obsessive turns! I spent most of yesterday evening sending him links to videos of my favourite Gillian Anderson interview clips on youtube..
Honestly? In retrospect, I'm actually a little bit disturbed that I even have "favourite Gillian Anderson clips"!!!
To make that even worse, we've spent this evening searching for very slutty pictures from photoshoots (that she probably regrets now) and have been sending each other our personal favourites on MSN!! We're like, obsessed! This seems to have happened very suddenly. All of a sudden, we're total internet perverts who have had at least 4 separate conversations about "Our Girl" and "Our Boy" (Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny, who we decided belonged to us, simply cause we wished they did!) in the past 24 hours alone! So, here it is, here's my confession. I, Freya Price, do hereby officially declare myself a pervert!!!

I also have a random semi-related theory. But I'm tired of typing and this post is getting a little lengthy so we'll save my scandalous theory for another day. LOL Are you all intrigued?!... lol

Oct. 12th, 2008

(no subject)

I'm in the process of photoshopping my little arse off!...

Wait... hang on - that came out wrong. It sounded more normal in my head! Anyhoos, I'm doing alot of photoshop-ey stuff at the moment (is what I was trying to say) and was wondering if anyone had any requests for me. You don't even have to use them if you don't like them or just don't want them but some suggestions would be nice. Icons? Banners? Random manipped pictures? (Random manipped pictures are my current faves - I like creating kisses between all my favourite characters from different shows. *Is lame* It's nice to 'play God' with The Beautiful People!) Any ideas/suggestions/requests?

(no subject)

I haven't posted for ages and ages and ages but these questions seemed like a good way to get back into the swing of things. I think I might make some icons and stuff over the next few days so keep your eyes out for that.

Questions thieverised from </a>bookofsorrow

1. If you could be any person for a day who would it be? And it can't be a dead person!

That's a tricky one. It'd be nice to be Derren Brown so you could convince people to rob a bank or something. Or it'd be kinda cool to be a boy, just for one day.
Hmm.. *ponders* See, I would have said Gillian Anderson cause it'd be nice to be someone that inanely pretty for a day but I think she's still MASSIVELY pregnant right now... and how much would that suck?! Maybe Evangeline Lilly - I think she'd be the next best thing. :D

2. The world will explode tomorrow. What will you do today?

Hmmm... I guess this is kinda dark, but I think I might kill someone! If I knew I couldn't be punished and I wasn't going to have to live with any guilt or anything then I think I'd like to kill another human being, just to see what it's like. *Is a crazy person*
Then I'd probably just drink a whole lot and cry alot and mope around with all my lovely friends.

3. You could only have one beverage for the rest of your life, not counting water - cuz I know you - what would it be?

Hmm.. that's really tricky cause I guess I'd want something pretty thirst-quenching if I can never have anything else but everyone knows I'm a lil' bit of an alcoholic (In a lighthearted way!) soooo.... Ok, I'm picking three: Tea, Diet Coke and whiskey.

4. What's your favorite day of the week and why?

Fridays!! Last day of school for the week, takeaway for dinner, beer, crisps and watching bad horror movies with my dad! :D

5. Do you believe in the existence of extra terrestrials?

I think so. I don't believe for a second that they'd be ANYTHING like us at all and I imagine we'd never be able to communicate or even be aware of them but I think there must be other life out there, in some form. I just don't think that we'll ever know for sure.

Aug. 27th, 2008

I stole a movie quiz... I like to steal

1. One movie that made you laugh:  I'm mean spirited so I rarely laugh at movies... Eurotrip's pretty funny though.

2. One movie that made you cry: The Notebook

3. One movie you loved when you were a child: The Fox and The Hound

4. One movie you’ve seen more than once: Moulin Rouge

5. One movie you loved, but were embarrassed to admit it: Atonement.. just cause everyone else I knew who saw it said they hated it.

6. One movie you didn't like: Wild things

7. One movie that scared you: 28 Days Later

8. One movie that bored you: Juno... I just didn't get all the hype. 

9. One movie that made you happy:
 Speed Racer!!! Yeah!!!

10. One movie that made you miserable: Casabanca (Stop being so sensible! You could still make it work!! *sob*)

11. One movie you weren’t brave enough to see: The Strangers :S

12. One movie character you’ve fallen in love with: I fall in love very easily - I fall hard and fast. Mulder AND Scully from the X Files movies are my current movie crushes. *Ponders the awesomeness of a threesome*

13. The last movie you saw: Kalifornia (Made. Of. Awesome)

14. The next movie you hope to see: The Strangers. I just downloaded it.. I'm currently working up the courage to watch it.

Aug. 26th, 2008

My very first shiny post...

Ooooh.. check me out - Playing with LiveJournal. So far, I feel a little bit like a celebrity, what with being mentioned about 8,000 times on Suzy's page! :D Yayz.  Well, that is the beauty of being someone's friend, lover and identical twin sister. ;)
I need more friends.. I am lonesome of the world of LJ so far.. :( I think people should somehow just randomly add me so they can bask in my awesomeness... 

Yeah.... anyways, I really didn't have anything to tell y'all about - My day has been oh-so-exciting thus far. I went to sleep at 8:30am and woke up at about 4:45 this afternoon, feeling very refreshed. :D Then I watched The X Files - Twas the pilot episode which was made of awesome. Love the gratuitous nudity of Gillian Anderson!  I would have loved to have seen her face when she got the script - "Ok, one of the first things we want you to do is strip down to your slutty underwear in front of your almost exclusively male co-stars and then maybe still expect them to respect you as a serious actress... No, we kid you - no-one's going to respect you here sweetheart..."
I can't help but hope that the conversation went exactly like that ^^ Ahhh.. lol

Anyways, I'm bored of this now and I'm gonna go watch Family Guy so... meh. Thus concludes my very first, shiny little blogg-ey post. Yay.